Despite the fact that there is a tire fire inside the Splendid Raspberry Awards garbage can,

you can put money on it anyway

Which would go on to be named as the most incredibly terrifying movie of the year.

As the running administration of the year at online sportsbook Bovada

There are full betting odds for the movies assigned to "Scariest Picture",

And surprisingly none of Jared Leto's Morbius is the lead.

Under this arrangement, the Sony Pictures film has -160 chances to win the honor.

Among the various contestants are Blonde (+225), Pinocchio (+600),

Incredible Lamentations (+800), and Young Lady of the Ruler (+800).

Morbius was selected for four additional features at the current year's Razzies.

but "the most frankly terrifying picture."

the most terrifying of its various acts (Jared Leto),

Most Terrible Terrible Supporting Actor (Adria Arjona),

Most Obnoxious Horrible Boss (Daniel Espinosa),

and Most Terrible Screenplay (screen story and screenplay by Matt Szama and Burk Sharpless).