Burt Bacharach, one of the all-time great composers and 

songwriters of 20th-century popular music, died this week at the age of 94.  His songs,

Dusty Springfield and the Carpenters, to name but a few - have inspired countless artists and 

been covered by thousands, from the Beatles and Barbra Streisand Isaac Hayes, 

Elvis Costello and The White Stripes.  Bacharach's stirring arrangements, unusual time signatures and 

memorable lyrics are behind some stone-cold classics, and throughout his 70-plus-year career, his melodic genius is undeniable. 

Narrowing down his impressive catalog is no small task,

but EuronewsCulture has figured out that the world needs some of Bert's greatest songs now. 

This is one of my favorite records of all time and I sadly had no idea it was written by Bacharach, until now.

Originally performed by Dionne Warwick in 1967, this song features a super infectious melody, 

jumping time signature, and heartfelt lyrics from the perspective of a 

woman concerned for her partner serving in the Vietnam War. 

But the track reached new levels when Aretha Franklin covered it on her 68' the following year. 

This is one of the best recordings ever. If you've ever wondered why she's considered the 'Queen of Soul', then just listen. theo farrant