52 weeks into the conflict, the Ukraine war has begun to markedly affect international relations,

as Washington declares exposure to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Moscow revives nuclear ties and China becomes more open to the United States.

Took the currency with effect.  A year after Russian troops attacked Ukraine's eastern Donbas region,

a prelude to Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, US President Joe Biden visited Kiev and declared that the Russian 

presidency had failed.  truly living 4 list of items list 1 of 4 To mistake:

Ukraine answered about Vladimir list 2 of 4 Russia's War in Ukraine: 

What's Ahead One Year Later? list 3 of 4 'All Ukraine is a battlefield':

. all about modern warfare list 4 of 4 What will Taiwan gain – or suffer – from Russia's conflict in Ukraine? 

end of list "He thought autocrats like him were tough and the leaders of democracies were cannibals,"

Biden said in a speech he gave that day on Polish soil.

"And then, he meets the eye of America and nations everywhere, 

who are afraid and refuse to assert authority.

Biden retained Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as a suitable adversary