Uber Millions was recently reset after a ticket sold in Maine had the winning numbers

And the lucky person took home $31 million available to all.

This evening, players will check out a similar gift.

While only a small fraction of the larger $1.35 billion awarded last month,

Still not a great deal of cash to bring back home.

tuesday winning numbers

The draw will take place at 11 pm. et.

We'll let you know when we have the winning numbers.

friday winning numbers

The winning numbers are 1-4-50-54-59, Super Ball 17 and 2x Megamultiplier.

tuesday winning numbers

The winning numbers were 7-9-18-29-39, Super Ball 13 and 4x Megaplier.

What are the biggest Super Millions bonanzas?

The staggering $1.35 billion bonanza won in the Uber Millions draw earlier this month

The second most notable top prize of all time was.