The Reminder of Us recently released The Reminder of Us Part II

Introduced an important person from

The Rest of Us is apparently based on a computer game,

But it is currently only following the main game.

The latter game, which delivered a full seven years after the former,

Revises a ton of built-in titles.

it doesn't really set things back

As much as on some occasions giving additional setting to the main game.

Despite this, the show currently has the advantage of knowing the past of both of those games,

So it is privileged to plant the seed to set things that will be taken care of in later seasons.

Given that Rogue Dog had no idea

Will it be a sequel or what will it be like, a lot of things that don't appear in the first game.

In the most recent episode of The Remains of Us,

We get a brief look at a man from The Remains of Us Part II.