According to experts at Goldman Sachs, the real estate market is poised for additional crashes as home loan rates keep rising.

The advice comes after current home marketing charts on Thursday showed a 1.5% dive in September, sometimes turning an annualized pace of 4.71 million units.

This is indisputably the eighth consecutive fall and the longest since 2007.

Goldman Sachs said in a note on Thursday, "Current domestic deals have declined less than they were earlier in the year.

As house costs continue to rise, we expect the decline in the real estate market to intensify again in later prints."

Experts cited a lack of information on deals, which do not yet represent a new expansion in contract rates,

Which is currently close to 7% for 30-year fixed contracts. it is based on

That existing domestic deals are not represented until an arrangement is concluded, which is typically in the range of one to 90 days after the agreements were signed.

In any case, since early August, contract rates have been roughly 2% rate-centered, meaning that information on September home deals may not reflect the flood in receiving costs.

Goldman also observed that the gap between staying in the organic market last month

remained "extreme", despite the fact that it is set to extend 2.9 months of supply with 3.0 months of existing homes stock. Even so, it's still well below 2019's normal of 3.9 months.

Last week, Wharton's teacher Jeremy Siegel said he guessed

That should see the second most dire drop in domestic costs took care of the forced rate climb in the midst of the Second Great War.