Spider-Man 4 fan pitch: Surprisingly not many, apparently Bug Man 4 is coming.

Although Kevin Feige did not confirm as much in a recent EW overarching main story,

Wonder Studios supervisor reveals that person is now

Highlighted in a story that is now being written across the organization.

In that capacity, web-throwers are among the archetypes of the character.

He has his own take on the film in between pitching,

With the many trusted Tom Holland's Peter Parker

He transcends into the performance of the rebel he offers to the thrill seeker.

Luckily for fans, even those involved with the MCU need to see the hybrid happen,

including Adrenaline Junkie star Vincent D'Onofrio. "punisher,

Thrill Seekers, and Bug Man are the ones that my personality is associated with in the comic books."

the entertainer said in a stop on The Sarah O'Connell Show years ago