PR experts warn Prince Harry and Meghan Markle against 'crying wolf' over South Park parody.

The claim has been brought to light by Go Up founder and PR expert Edward Coram-James.  

He began his conversation with the Daily Star 

"While it may be tempting to conclude that Harry and Meghan's derision in South Park has hit a new low for them,

that so many respected people have suffered the same fate as South Park."

Had to do it." has done, indicating that, on its own terms, 

this is not reputedly a problem and can be easily fixed.  "However, 

this has not been easy to overcome given the growing sentiment that even Sussex's 

most naturally aligned basemen seem to be questioning his story and perceived double standards, 

to the extent that shows like South Park have been able to create feel." 

A joke on a couple who have made serious allegations on a very hot topic recently.