Generally speaking, it's a good idea to wait until a case is fully wrapped up before giving it the true crime documentary treatment.

However, some cases are so explosive that documentarians can't wait to get their cameras on it. 

Such is the case with the story of South Carolina attorney Alex Murdoff.

In fact, even though Alex Murdoff's trial is ongoing and fresh revelations about his crimes are being uncovered almost daily,

one could argue that Netflix is following Murdoff with its three-episode series

, The Murdoff Murders: A Southern Scandal. Coming late to the game.

Several media organizations have tried their hand at explaining this sordid saga of murder,

. corruption and cover-ups, from HBO Max's Low Country:

The Murdoff Dynasty to id's The Murdoff Murders: Deadly Dynasty.

By waiting a little longer than its peers, Netflix hopes to offer the definitive version of the Murdoff murders

. And streamers' patience may have already paid off. Murdoff Murders filmmakers Jenner Furst and Julia Willoughby Nason

(formerly of Hulu's Fair Fraud) report they've uncovered new crimes committed by Alex Murdoff and are hoping Netflix will

commission a second season so they can can reveal them.