At the time Apple revealed the iPhone 14 line earlier last month,

No one would have guessed that the company should present the best new iPhone 14 star highlights.

We are talking, apparently, about the mighty island. The shape-walking various functions alerting component suppressed the indent on the iPhone 14 Genius model.

Whether you love Mighty Island or think of it as a tactic, Apple loves it so much

That component should be rolling out on every one of the four iPhone 15 models next year.

Tomorrow, October 24th (which is Monday), Apple is supposed to release iOS 16.1 which will bring some changes to Unique Island.

Probably the main new component that iOS 16.1 will bring to iPhone customers is called Live Exercises.

These are notices that report on the lock screen and give live information, for example,

game score. With the iPhone 14 Expert and iPhone 14 Master Max, Live Exercises Aren't Limited to the Lock Screen

Similarly, Unique will appear in the island.

Imagine following your No. 1 NBA group and getting this evening's report straight from Mighty Island.

The universally-loved island buzzword ever since Gilligan's Island was on TV, iOS 16.1 will make the mighty island easier to access and access with one hand.

You will have the option to enable Reachability Support for Powerful Island in Settings. Speaking of settings, you have Settings >