The portal screams death is life, death is life, death is life," she says of the March 31 project.

Bye, cry baby. On Wednesday, Melanie Martinez announced her return after four years with the release of her third studio album, Portals.

To accompany the announcement, she shared a video of herself hatching from an egg as a pink,

deep-sea-style creature. Portals is set for release on March 31,

and is Martinez's first record since leaving behind her "cry baby" persona. 

"The portals scream death is life, death is life, death is life,"

she said in an ominous press statement.

. "A continuous loop. A cycle."  Earlier this week, Martinez bid farewell to 

"Cry Baby" — the alter-ego child version of Martinez featured on both her Cry Baby debut and follow-up album and feature film K-12 — in a viral TikTok video. 

Together. The scene opens with the words "RIP Cry Baby" carved into a giant mushroom, 

as Martinez sang in a new song: "My body's dead but I'm still alive. Look over your shoulder

, I'm among the dead." I have come back from  She also released a 12-second snippet on streaming services titled 

"..." where she repeats the words, "Back from the dead. I'm back from the dead,"