Changes are coming to Burjek's relationship with the actress and the showrunner.  Beginning with

the first scene of "Trapped" and recurring over the hour, Burgess struggles with a 

series of debilitating panic attacks that trace back to her Season 8 kidnapping. 

The final incident occurs when she becomes trapped in a well with the young boy she was tasked with finding during the case. 

Through it all, Ruzek is a supportive force as he encourages her to take care of herself.

By the end of the episode, Burgess makes a statement to her therapist: "I can't feel like this," she says. 

"I can't be who I want to be with this. Neither for my daughter nor for Adam." 

The moment seems small, but it's a significant development in Burgess and Ruzek's exuberant slow-burn romance.

The couple broke up in Season 3 and bounced between the friend zone and a co-parenting relationship from Season 7 onwards.

But with Makayla living with him now, Burgess's confession that she wants better for Adam as well means everything.

"I think she finally realizes that she's been pushing Adam away since the incident when he was shot," Squarciatti told NBC Insider.