The decade-long feud between Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank (Murray Bartlett) on The Last of U

 Ronstadt's 1970 song appears three times (and is the name of the episode) in the background of the love story.

 Episode director Peter Hoar recently revealed

 that he originally wanted to use a piece of music from The Last of Us in It's a Sin.

 Hoar said at a recent screening in London, "There's a piece of music by Max Richter that stayed there.

 A lot of the time you put temporary music on and then it's like,

 'very expensive!' But this is HBO. the really cool thing about it wa

 That I tried to put it in It's a Sin and then they took it away from me.

 I've never felt as much listening to a piece of music as I do every time I listen to it.

Linda Ronstadt might not get paid for streams from HBO'