The Koch political machine, which fosters the most powerful donor network in conservative politics, is declaring itself as part of the NeverTrump effort for 2024, 

which aims to deny former President Donald Trump a third nomination for the White House. Is.  

Koch Political Machine Vows To Fight To Deny Trum GOP Nomination In 2024

The announcement never explicitly mentioned Trump in a recent memo released to employees and activists, 

but it was abundantly clear from the tone of Americans for Prosperity CEO Emily Seidel's message that 

The grassroots leadership she is leading has no plans to be a passive player in Republican politics.

When it comes to the White House. "Our country must move on from the current political situation

we have to turn the page on the past several years," she wrote. "If we want to elect better people, we need better candidates. 

And if we want better candidates, we need to get involved in more primaries first." 

Americans for Prosperity is perhaps the most forward-looking branch of the Koch political class, organized two decades ago by billionaires Charles and David Koch.