Rihanna headlined the Super Bowl 2023 halftime show on Sunday.

The highly anticipated concert was the singer's first performance in seven years.

The singer sent fans into a frenzy during the show, speculating that she was pregnant with her second child.

Her representatives later confirmed the pregnancy to The Hollywood Reporter.

Each year, the NFL recruits some of the biggest names in music to perform a show-stopping performance.

From Beyonce to Paul McCartney to Lady Gaga, the Super Bowl halftime show has attracted millions of viewers around the world,

which is why so many artists dream of the day they get to put on their own 13-minute concert. Will be asked for.

But it's not the big payday that entices musicians to put on the Super Bowl halftime show.

In fact, there is no pay day at all.  While it may come as a surprise to some,