Doctors and advocates are urging people to pre-order and stockpile abortion pills while they still face a looming court ruling that could wipe out access to the drugs nationwide.  

District Court Judge Matthew Kaczmarik in Amarillo, 

Texas, could either reverse the FDA's decades-old decision to approve mifepristone -- the first of two pills used to end pregnancy -- or telemedicine,

via mail Withdraw the decisions of the recent agency providing pills from. Delivery and Pharmacy Pickup.  

Eighteen states already have bans on the pill, many of them as part of near-term bans on abortion. 

But a ruling by Kacsmaryk — an appointee of former President Donald Trump — could either cut off access to the drugs in most Democratic-led states, 

where they remain legal, or reinstate rules that patients can only obtain them in person. Will be able to do. doctor. 

Kacsmaryk previously worked for the First Liberty Institute, a conservative group that brought cases aimed at restricting abortion access.