Dominic Toretto isn't the only person who has a family. 

Sometimes, the people he kills also have families, and sometimes, they become very angry and try to kill him and his loved ones.

In Fast X, the tenth film in the Fast and Furious franchise, the character is played by Aquaman himself, 

Jason Momoa. In regards to the previous franchise installment, Momoa will stop at nothing to kill Dom (Vin Diesel), 

Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), Mia (Jordana Brewster), Roman (Tyreese Gibson),

Tez (Ludacris), Han (Sung Kang) . And, most important, Dom's son. Here's your first, 

very long look at Fast X, thanks to its amazing first trailer:  So Momoa's character, Dante, is the son of Hernán Reyes, the bad guy in Fast Five. 

Which you have to admit, this is a Fast and Furious idea. 

Just bring back everyone's brother, son, daughter, whatever it is! Beyond that though, 

the film looks—dare I say, a tad younger than the last one? You know, comparatively speaking? 

Nothing stunt-wise is overly jaw-dropping. 

They also do some old school, 10 second racing here, which is cool.